Troubleshooting Tips

The following are simple troubleshooting tips to consider if there is a problem with your machine. A more complete discussion of troubleshooting techniques is contained in the operating manual for each machine. If you can’t resolve the problem with your machine with these tips or techniques in your manual, contact your local authorized distributor or our Customer Support Department through Contact Us on the website.

Symptom: Machine does not turn on (if electric).

• Check to see that unit is plugged in and green power light is “on.”
• Make sure top cover is closed.
• Plug in another electrical item to make sure the outlet is working.

No tape is dispensed.

• Make sure cover is closed.
• Make sure tape is loaded in the basket.
• Verify the tape path is correct.
• Remove upper tape plate and look for small pieces of tape which may cause jamming.
• Check that the water brush(es) and water tank are properly inserted so they don’t block the tape path.

Tape is not wet when it is dispensed

• Check water level in tank.
• Check that water brush(es) and tank are properly inserted.
• Check brushes for excess glue build up or excess wear.  If present, clean brushes.
• Check heater operation, adjust if necessary.

Tape does not stick well.

• Check water level, adjust if necessary.
• Check heater operation, adjust if necessary.
• Check water brushes for excess glue build up or wear.  If glue present, clean brushes. See our video “How to Clean the Water Brushes”

Tape is Jamming.

• Check to make sure upper tape plate is clean and inserted properly.
• Remove the upper tape plate and remove any small pieces of paper present.
• Check under the lower heat plate for any small pieces of paper and remove.
• Check the heater plate and the lower heat plate for dried glue and stuck tape.
• Check that the water brushes and water tank are inserted properly so they don’t block tape path.

Water tank is “leaking”


  • What looks like leaking could actually be glue build-up on the brushes. Clean or time to buy new ones.
  • Remove the White Water Bottle and hold the upright

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