Ship Auto Parts & Industrial Parts Securely

Shipping automotive aftermarket parts and industrial parts can be challenging due to large, heavy, and cumbersome shapes and sizes. Use the right carton sealing materials to ensure successful fulfillment.

Safe, Strong, and Secure Product Packaging for Auto Parts

Sales of automotive aftermarket parts are increasingly happening online. Safely shipping these parts worldwide can be a challenge because they’re often large, heavy, and come in various awkward shapes. Watch the video to learn how sealing your cartons with water-activated tape rather than plastic tape can help assure your shipped products arrive safely and with a professional image.

The Growing Auto Aftermarket E-Commerce Industry Deserves Proper Carton Sealing Practices

E-commerce sales of automotive parts (includes replacement and aftermarket parts plus accessories) in the US has been historically 16% per year, but surged to a 30% increase in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.* Worldwide, auto aftermarket parts are also expected to experience significant growth, making e-commerce for auto aftermarket parts a great opportunity.

Automotive parts are often heavy, large, or fragile when shipped. They’re often shipped in cartons sealed with plastic tape, which is not a secure way to seal these kinds of cartons and does not reflect a positive image on your company’s fulfillment practices.

Using plastic tape to seal your cartons presents a unique concern when shipping heavy and large items, including industrial parts. Plastic tape often does not hold heavy or large products and may arrive at their destination damaged and unsightly.



Water-Activated Tape Is the Best Way to Seal Auto Parts Packages

Water-activated tape on the other hand bonds to the carton, making it stronger than plastic tape. In fact, you only need one strip of reinforced water-activated tape to secure a heavy carton.

Water-activated tape also looks professional for serious e-commerce companies. You can even brand the tape with your logo to help build an emotional connection to your company.

E-commerce sales of automotive parts surged to a 30% increase in 2020.*

Improve Your Carton Sealing Method and Packaging Process for Auto Parts

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