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How to Pack Cartons Containing Sports Equipment

Golf clubs, tennis rackets, snowboards. Customers are increasingly ordering their sporting goods online. Shipping these goods presents a challenge to retailers because merchandise is frequently high value, heavy or oddly-shaped. You need to make sure your products make their way through the delivery chain in perfect, ready-to-use condition. Watch the video to learn how using water-activated tape can ensure customers satisfaction and provide you with peace of mind.

Power Your Sporting Goods Shipments with the Right Tape

The global market for sporting goods within e-commerce in 2018 was $60 billion. In contrast to the “good old days,” consumers are increasingly choosing to shop online, instead of in their local sporting goods store. What consumers love about sports equipment—their endless variety—can be a challenge when packing and shipping.

Using plastic tape might not be the best option for your brand, especially if your sports equipment shipments are frequently oddly shaped, heavy or cumbersome. Plastic tape floats on top of cartons and is therefore also not tamper-evident. Potential thieves can push the carton open and take high-value items and reseal the carton without a trace.

Prevent Package Damage

Cartons with heavy and odd-shaped items are prone to breakage, tearing, and potential product damage or loss. Your customers deserve better!

Water-activated tape bonds to corrugated cartons, making it strong enough to prevent theft and carton breakage.

Other benefits include a more professional, representative image for your brand, safer packing processes with tape dispensers, and less material waste.

Paper water-activated tape can also be printed with logos or messages, helping to delight every customer that receives your shipment.

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