Prevent Theft with Tamper-Evident Tape

Prevent products from being stolen by sealing your cartons with tamper-evident water-activated tape.

Package Pilfering Is Frustrating for Customers and Damaging for Your Company

When a customer’s online order arrives to his home or office and he finds that items are missing, it is a frustrating, disappointing and inefficient experience. The customer now needs to contact your company to rectify the situation which decreases customer satisfaction. From your customer’s perspective, this loss undermines your company’s reputation, even though you’re not directly responsible.

You can, however, control the chances of product theft happening to your packages.

Using water-activated tape to seal your cartons helps you avoid this scenario as well as inefficient and expensive product replacement efforts.

Water-Activated Tape Creates a Secure Seal

Water-activated tape creates a permanent bond when applied to corrugated cartons, offering package security and evidence of tampering and theft. A secure seal deters theft because it is difficult for anyone to access the contents of the box via “press and grab” theft methods commonly used with plastic tape sealing. If they do attempt to access a box sealed with water-activated paper tape, the effort is immediately noticeable.

Choose More Secure Carton Sealing Tape

See how would-be thieves can access carton contents when water-activated paper tape is not used. Using water-activated reinforced tape can prevent theft and improve package security.

Use Water-Activated Tape to Prevent Product Theft

E-commerce customers expect to receive their orders intact. But the carton sealing method you’re using may undermine that expectation. If you’re using plastic tape for carton sealing, you could be putting your products and customer satisfaction at risk.

What is "Press and Grab" Theft?

Plastic tape “floats” on top of a carton and is not tamper-evident, as opposed to water-activated tape which literally bonds to the corrugated cardboard material. With plastic tape, thieves can push open the carton and take high value items without a trace. 

To protect your e-commerce shipments and your customer satisfaction, consider using water-activated tape to seal your cartons. Water-activated tape bonds to the carton, making it incredibly strong.

Improve Your Carton Sealing and Packaging Process

Is your business using the right packaging tape? Explore the definitive guide to carton sealing below.

The tape you use makes a difference.

Tamper-evidence discourages thieves, helping to avoid stolen items. You only need one strip of tape to secure a carton with a strong seal. Protect your products, your customer satisfaction, with water-activated tape and tape dispensers.

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