Improve Warehouse Packer Safety

Keep your carton packers safe from repetitive stress injuries that can occur with hand-held tape guns.

Hand-Held Tape Guns May Cause Packer Fatigue

Repetitive motion injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, are common for packers using hand-help tape dispensers. A hand-held plastic tape dispenser combined with a roll of tape weighs about 3 lbs. and can lead to packer fatigue over the course of a workday, especially in high-volume warehouse and shipping environments.

Repetitive motion injuries are one the 10 most common causes of workers compensation claims.

Use Water-Activated Tape Dispensers to Alleviate Repetitive Motion Stress

Repetitive stress injuries cost U.S. employers $1 billion per week. These injuries are one of the 10 most common causes of workers compensation claims. The resulting physical trauma from a repetitive stress injury often leads to surgery. Apart from causing unnecessary physical pain and trauma to the employee, the event is costly for both employee and employer; employees incur extra medical expenses and potentially lose future income, and the employer must temporarily replace the employee while they are sidelined.

To keep their workers free from injury and to minimize claims, many e-commerce companies have switched from tape guns to water-activated tape dispensers for carton sealing.

Maintain Warehouse Packer Safety with a Better Pack Tape Dispenser

With gummed tape dispensers, packers don’t need to put stress on their wrist in order to seal a carton. Companies turn to Better Packages for dispensers that are safe and reliable. The Better Pack 555 series has been UL Listed (a world-recognized leader in product safety testing and certification) since 1959.

Bonus: While keeping packers safe and more comfortable in the work environment, Better Pack dispensers also increase packing productivity. According to independent testing, productivity (cartons sealed per hour) increased by 21%.

Keep your packers safe! Use water-activated tape and better pack dispensers to seal your company’s cartons.

Which Tape Dispenser Is Best for My Business?

Better Packages carries a variety of tape dispensers to fit the unique needs of your business. Find out which one might be a good fit with our quick quiz:

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