Endure Environmental Extremes

Water-activated tape keeps your shipped cartons secure, even in extreme weather.

How Well Do Your Packages Hold Up in Heat, Rain, Sleet & Snow?

Weather will happen. Your sealed cartons at times endure a long journey through it all on their way to your customer’s location. When exposed to various atmospheric conditions, will the tape you used hold the seal and keep your products secure?

Battling the Elements for a Secure Carton Seal

Heat, cold, humidity, and dust create shipping challenges. Will the tape hold its seal if the carton encounters extreme environments? 

If you are using plastic tape to seal your cartons, your cartons are at risk. Plastic tape sits on top of the corrugated cardboard carton and therefore does not form secure a seal and is not tamper-evident. Even in ideal environmental conditions, plastic tape is an invitation to pilfering.

The solution is to use water-activated tape to withstand any environment. It literally bonds to the carton, keeping everything inside protected regardless of what’s happening outside.

Independent testing demonstrated that water-activated tape’s holding power, compared to plastic tape:

  • Helped maintain carton integrity
  • Didn’t peel under environmental stress
  • Held up under compression testing

With water-activated and reinforced tape, cartons arrive intact despite environmental extremes like rain sleet, snow, dust and heat. Customers are consistently satisfied with the delivery of their order and the quality your company offers.

What Makes Water-Activated Tape and Dispensers More Efficient?

Water-activated tape bonds to the carton, making its seal 350% stronger than plastic tape, which also helps prevent carton breakage and theft and creates a professional image.

You only need one strip of tape to secure a carton with a strong seal, making it cost-effective.

Safe, Strong, Secure Outside
to Protect What’s on the Inside

Is Your Business Using the Right Packaging Tape?

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