Shipping Jewelry

Your customers are excited to receive the jewelry they ordered online. They expect their package to arrive securely. Your job is the make sure they’re not disappointed.

Protect Valuable Items During Transit

You want your customers to feel total confidence that buying jewelry from your company online is safe and reliable. After all, they trust you to deliver their latest valuable purchase in a manner that benefits your company’s image. Watch the video to learn why you should be using water-activated tape to seal and ship your cartons and help ensure that your customers will continue choosing your jewelry brand.

Jewelry and E-Commerce: Shipping Precious Products

It’s critical to delight your customers when receiving online jewelry shipments. Consumers are increasingly buying jewelry online. Online jewelry sales have grown 22%, in comparison to less than 1% for the overall market. Whether you’re a retailer selling online or an e-reseller of jewelry, selling high-end precious stones, or handmade jewelry, jewelry retailers need an online presence.

By packing and shipping their merchandise securely and with a professional appearance, you can make sure that your jewelry business thrives online.

Packing Materials for Jewelry Shipping

If you’re using plastic tape to seal your cartons, you may be putting your merchandise and customer satisfaction at risk. Plastic tape floats on top of a corrugated carton and is not tamper-evident. Potential thieves can push the carton open and take whatever high value items they’d like and reseal without a trace. If customers don’t receive their items, it can be very costly to your business’s bottom line and reputation.

The solution is to use water-activated tape to seal cartons containing jewelry and other high-value goods. Water activated tape bonds to the carton, making a reinforced tape seal stronger than plastic tape. Water-activated tape also looks much more professional. You only need one strip of tape to secure a carton, making your pick and pack process more efficient.

Improve Your Carton Sealing Method and Packaging Process

Which Tape Dispenser Is Best for My Business?

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