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Be More Efficient with Packaging Materials

Plastic tape has its place in packing, but e-commerce shipping may not be the best application. Plastic tape isn’t secure or tamper evident. To compensate, many packers use several strips of plastic tape to try to seal cartons or wrap boxes. E-commerce companies send high volumes of boxes. Using multiple strips on each box becomes wasteful and expensive, resulting in extra unnecessary costs for businesses. Using plastic tape is not the most environmentally responsible choice for companies that send high volumes of packages.

Water-activated tape, on the other hand, is secure and tamper evident. It only requires one strip of tape to seal a carton, meaning less material waste and a more sustainable, eco-friendly option.

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Packers who use plastic tape to seal cartons tend to use multiple tape strips. Plastic tape sits on top of a carton instead of adhering to the cardboard. It doesn’t create a secure seal. Therefore, packers want to make sure the carton contents remain safe in transit, so they apply many strips of tape. That’s a lot of wasted material and tape application time.

Is packaging tape recyclable?

Unfortunately, most tape ends up in landfills. When you use water-activated tape, you use less material because you only need one strip of tape to secure the carton. This saves you money and uses fewer resources. Whether it’s plastic or gummed paper tape, not all tape is recyclable. However, regardless of the material, using less is always better. Visit our blog to learn more about recyclable tape products.

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