Shipping Materials for E–Commerce Products

As a B2B e-commerce business, you are constantly rated based on the speed of delivery and the quality of your products upon arrival. Use the right shipping materials and carton sealing tape to get happy customers and great reviews.

In E-Commerce, Carton Sealing Materials Matter

Using water-activated tape as your carton sealing solution provides many benefits for your business. Your cartons can be sealed quickly, securely, and provide brand consistency for your company. Watch the video to learn how using water-activated tape in your shipping process to seal your cartons can enhance productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

B2B E-Commerce Customers Expect Secure Shipments & Packaging

B2B companies have started catching up to B2C e-commerce practices by adopting the online marketplace. In fact, the U.S. B2B e-commerce market grew 11% in 2018 and reached over $1 trillion in sales. While impressive, this represents only 6% of total B2B sales, making online B2B sales a huge opportunity, but often times a challenge when shipping products.

Business customers are accustomed to making their personal purchases online, so how do you match their high expectations? Customers expect their orders to arrive intact and ready-to-use. The shipping supply chain is often not easy on packages. While it can be a fulfillment process challenge, you must pack and ship products securely in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

Packaging e-commerce products properly also avoids damaged goods and product theft.

Exploring E-Commerce Shipping Solutions

One of the most important, but often overlooked, pieces of the packaging puzzle is the packing tape you use to seal your cartons.

Plastic tape may not always be the best solution for your business, depending on the type of products you ship and the volume of packages you send to customers. Plastic tape floats on top of a corrugated carton, so that it is not tamper-evident. Theft can occur easily with plastic tape and remain undetected.

Water-Activated Tape Is the Ideal B2B E-Commerce Shipping Solution

To protect e-commerce shipments, use water-activated tape and corrugated cardboard cartons as your primary shipping materials. Water-activated tape physically bonds to the carton forming a strong seal.

  • Water-activated tape helps prevent carton damage, creates a professional image, and reduces material waste. You only need one strip of tape to secure a carton with a strong seal.
  • When used together with a Better Pack electric tape dispenser, packing products is faster, easier, and safer for your pick and pack workers.

The Better Pack 555e series of dispensers is our most popular options, capable of automating production and improving productivity. Read this case study to learn how the BP 555eS dispenser increases efficiency and helps you satisfy customers.

Improve Your Carton Sealing Method & Packaging Process for E-Commerce

Outstanding Package Security for E-Commerce Businesses

“We purchased several Better Pack 555eS units and they have helped increase our parts room shipping capacity greatly. We previously used handheld tape guns and since upgrading to the 555eS dispensers, package output has increased and package security is outstanding. No more worries about boxes coming open or the tape coming loose. These units are very reliable and we have virtually no downtime due to failure or needed repairs.”

-Manufacturer in the Gardening Equipment Industry

Which Tape Dispenser Is Best for My Business?

Find out which packaging solution works best for your business and product type.

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