Custom Packing Tape for Beauty & Cosmetic Products

Your consumers are increasingly buying their beauty products and cosmetics online. Use cosmetics packing supplies and custom printed packing tape to send packages that reflect—and protect—the products within.

Keep Beauty & Cosmetic Products Intact by Choosing Secure Packing Supplies

When fulfilling ecommerce orders in the beauty industry, appearance matters. The promise contained within your beauty products is to enhance your customer’s appearance. Don’t diminish your promise by shipping a package that can be readily tampered with or aesthetically does not look pleasing. Watch the video to see why you should seal your packages with water-activated tape to ensure customer satisfaction.

When Selling Beauty Products Online, Your Carton Packing Tape Matters

Not long ago, all beauty products, skincare, cosmetics, and personal care products were bought in-store. High-end cosmetic customers visited cosmetologists at beauty counters to try on new products. Today, customers are becoming more comfortable with online e-commerce shopping experiences. Technology makes it easy for customers to “try on” cosmetics virtually.

In 2018, online sales of cosmetics were 5% of the total market and growing. Beauty technology will only improve over time.

To meet the growing demand and delight your customers in an increasingly saturated market, e-commerce businesses, fulfillment, and shipping processes must meet a variety of needs.

Custom printed packing tape makes it easy to fulfill orders quickly while keeping boxes looking professional.

How to Ship Makeup & Beauty Products Safely

There are many packing supplies options for cosmetic packaging that allows your products to arrive intact and free from theft. However, if you’re using plastic tape for carton sealing, you’re putting products and customer satisfaction at risk. Plastic tape floats on top of a carton and is not tamper-evident, meaning that potential thieves can push open the carton and take high-value items without a trace.

If customers don’t receive their items, it can be costly to your bottom line and reflect poorly on your business. In e-commerce, an unhappy customer has the power to share dissatisfaction quickly via negative online reviews before your business has a chance to rectify the situation.

To protect your e-commerce shipments and prevent dissatisfied customers, consider using water-activated tape to seal your cartons.

  • Water-activated tape also allows your shipping boxes to project a clean, professional image.
  • Water-activated tape has custom packing tape capabilities that allow you to send consistent, branded packages.

Improve Your Carton Sealing Method & Packaging Process for Cosmetic & Beauty Products

Which Tape Dispenser Is Best for My Business?

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