Preventative Maintenance

Better Packages tape dispensers and systems require minimal preventive maintenance and care. However, if you give your machine a little special attention, it will run for years at optimal levels.

The following suggested preventive maintenance schedule applies to all water-activated tape machines listed on this web site.

Weekly: Preventative Maintenance

• Wash water brushes with mild soap; rinse well.
• Clean any accumulated tape dust with a dry brush or blower.
• Wash water tank with mild soap; rinse well.

You can watch a video to see how to wash your brushes so you can remove the glue that tends to accumulate and reduce tape moistening effectiveness:

Watch the Video: How to Clean the Water Brushes

Monthly: Preventative Maintenance

• Clean accumulated glue from blades using a scraper.  (Don’t scrape the cutting edge because the blade may become dull and need replacement.)
Caution: The blade is sharp and can cut easily, so be careful working around it.
• Apply light coating of light machine oil to back of blade.
• On Better Packages 555 models add a few drops of light machine oil to felt pads.

Annually: Preventative Maintenance

• Thoroughly clean all accumulated pieces of tape, tape dust and any other foreign material from inside of machine with dry brush or blower.
• Clean bottom of heaters and pressure plates of accumulated glue.
• Oil upper and lower blades lightly with light machine oil.
• Clean all covers with a damp rag.

To learn how to clean the outside of your machine and the water bottle, watch this.

Watch the Video: How to Clean the Outside of Your Dispenser and the Water Bottle

Never spray cleaning fluid or lubricant into the machine. Never clean or work on an electric or electronic dispenser with the power turned on. Always turn the power off and unplug the machine before servicing.

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