Shipping Electronics & Computers Safely

For e-commerce and consumer electronics shipments, package safety is a priority. To meet high delivery expectations and keep customers happy, choose heavy duty packing tape that guarantees a secure shipment.

How to Ensure that Customers Receive Boxes with Consumer Electronics Intact

Customers today like the convenience of buying their electronics and computers online. Watch the video to learn more about why using water-activated tape to secure electronics shipments will help them appreciate your company and the service you provide.

Ensure a Safe Delivery for Customer’s Electronics

The global consumer electronics market is estimated at $1800 billion (USD) of which 30% of all consumer electronics were ordered online. This growth rate is projected at 6% compounded annually.

Customers expect their electronics to arrive intact and ready to use. The supply chain can be hard on packages in transit. Consumer electronics companies and distributors must pack and ship products securely in order to avoid damaged goods and product theft.

Your packing tape is the key to creating a tamper-proof, and damage-resistant shipment.

How Water-Activated Tape Safely Seals Electronics Packages

Water-activated tape bonds to the carton, making its seal ideal for shipping heavy, bulky, or fragile electronics.

You only need one strip of tape to secure a carton with a strong seal, making it cost-effective and efficient.

Water-activated tape dispensers take away the strenuous, repetitive motion associated with other carton-sealing solutions. Make sure valuable, heavy, or fragile electronics products get to their destination damage-free by switching to water-activated tape and tape dispensers.

Improve Your Carton Sealing Method & Packaging Process for Electronics

Which Tape Dispenser Is Best for My Business?

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