Shipping Furniture & Home Goods

Customers are increasingly buying furniture and other bulky or fragile home items online. Make sure the carton sealing tape you use keeps home furnishings intact.

Tape Matters When Shipping Furniture & Home Products

There are lots of packing and shipping challenges associated with e-commerce furniture, decorations, and home wares. One way to ensure that your product delivery delights your customer is to use water-activated tape to seal cartons. Watch the video to learn how using water-activated tape to seal your cartons ensures customer satisfaction with every purchase from your company.

Why Reinforced Water-Activated Packing Tape Is an Ideal Choice for Shipping Furniture

Purchasing furniture, home decorations, and other home furnishings used to happen at a local store. Today, many purchases take place online. In fact, home goods is the fastest growing e-retailing merchandise segment. This means that e-commerce retailers are responsible for a positive shipping and fulfillment experience in addition to a quality product.

Home furnishings are frequently large, heavy, high-value items that need to be packed well to avoid damage during shipping while in transit. Customers expect their merchandise delivered quickly and without flaws. Damaged goods can be costly to your business in many ways, including replacement costs and reputation costs. Reviews online can be unforgiving if a customer receives a damaged product.

Using plastic tape to seal cartons could be risky. It floats on top of corrugated cardboard, instead of bonding to the carton like water-activated tape. The weight of heavy or odd-shaped items often causes the plastic tape to separate from the carton, leaving fragile items vulnerable.

To protect e-commerce shipments such as furniture and home décor, we recommend using reinforced water-activated packing tape.

The Benefits of Using Reinforced Packing Tape When Shipping Furniture & Home Products

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