WAT was invented and Better Packages was "born"

Thomas Edison invented water-activated tape in 1912.  The advent of the cardboard box prompted Edison to create something better than twine to close the boxes.  Inventing water-activated tape was a huge breakthrough!  For the first time people could actually seal a carton, rather than just hold it closed.  The tape needed an efficient way to dampen and be cut and it didn’t take long for the water-activated tape dispenser to be in invented.  Better Packages was “born” in 1917.


Better Packages, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intertape Polymer Group (IPG)www.itape.com, is the world’s leading manufacturer of water-activated tape  dispensers (also known as paper tape dispensers, gummed tape dispensers, gum tape machines etc.). We’ve been in the business for over 100 years; since 1917 to be exact. Our products include water-activated tape dispenser machines, water-activated tape and case sealers. We sell and service our products in over 70 countries worldwide supported by a global, certified distributor network.


Better Packages was located in Shelton, CT since 1924. Better Packages recently relocated to Ansonia, CT, a neighboring town, in May of 2014. Our new facility provides us with upgraded technology, an improved manufacturing work flow, and overall ease of operations. These improvements are all to meet the continued growing use of water-activated tape and Better Packages’ products.

Our local community is important to us and we support it by our involvement in a number of important local and national organizations.