Better Packages Cares About Safety

All Better electric dispensers are either UL Listed, ETL Listed Mark Certification Completed and/or engineered to meet or exceed CE and CSA standards for operator and electrical safety.

Unique safety features include UL approved motors, low voltage heaters and flame-retardant materials. A safety interlock switch disables the cutting mechanism when the cover of the dispenser is open, thus protecting your workers from moving blades when clearing the tape path or loading a new roll of tape.

Complete details and requirements of UL’s Certification and ongoing Inspections are available on the UL website

Better Pack® 555 UL Certification History

Underwriters Laboratories® (UL) has been the leading product safety testing and certification organization in the United States since 1894.  UL is an independent and not-for-profit organization that provides business and residential customers with the assurance that products that acheive their certification are safe electrically and operationally.

UL Tested and Approved Since 1959

The Better Pack 555 electric dispenser first received UL certification and was authorized to use the UL Mark in 1959, when the dispenser was introduced.  To obtain the UL Mark initially, the product had to be built to UL specifications and had to meet UL’s rigorous testing inspection by engineers to ensure the dispenser met all UL safety requirements.

To retain UL certification, the Better Pack 555 has “Follow-Up Services Inspections”, or FUS Inspections (typically unannounced) by a UL field representative at least four times per year. As part of this process, the UL field representative generates an Inspection Report, which fully documents the FUS Inspection and each product tested.

Over the years, Better Packages has improved the Better Pack 555 many times.  Every improvement or new model introduction means another UL test and approval.  There are currently ten Better Pack 555 electronic models available, and each one is UL certified.  Since its original certification in 1959, the Better Pack 555 series of dispensers has been in continuous compliance with UL’s safety requirements.