Brand Your Packages

Easily brand your packages to reach your brand visibility and brand continuity goals using water-activated paper tape.

Why Should Businesses Brand Packaging?

Your brand has the power to create an emotional connection between your customers and your company. For certain companies, sharing their logo at every possible touch point helps increase brand awareness and strengthen that connection.

An easy way to access a large audience, communicate your brand, and help customers trust your company is to include branded water-activated tape instead of plain tape on packages. Custom-printed paper tape looks professional and is a cost-effective way to design packages and reach marketing and brand continuity goals.

Easy | Effective | Professional

Make a Good First Impression

The carton you use to ship your products is your customer’s first impression of your company. Take control of the first impression of corporate branding by using the printing option with water-activated paper tape to print your logo or message. Your package will appear professional and customers will feel excited to open your package and receive your products.

About Custom Branded Packaging Tape

Many leading e-commerce companies choose to print their logo and messages on the tape. Printed tape keeps your company front and center without needing to invest in more costly branded cartons. Pre-print your logo on water-activated tape to achieve professional, on-brand packaging design. Easily change your messaging by designing new pre-printed water-activated tape.

Is My Business Using the Right Packing Tape?

Improve Your Carton Sealing Method and Packaging Process

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