What to Look for in a Gummed Tape Dispenser

There is plenty of scientific evidence and real-life experience in shipping departments proving that gummed tape is an excellent choice for fast, efficient, and effective sealing of cartons. 

Also called water-activated tape (WAT), kraft paper tape, and brown paper tape, it produces a strong, secure, one-strip seal. When you’ve decided on gummed paper tape, your next consideration is which type of gummed tape dispenser to use.  

For many shipping departments, nothing less than Better Packages gummed tape dispensers will do. They are durably engineered, user friendly, and reliable. But which model is right for your business? This blog post will help you decide.


Picking Your Gummed Tape Dispenser: Manual vs. Electric

The first decision to make in choosing between Better Packages gummed tape dispensers is whether you want a manual or electric model. A number of factors affect this choice, including:

  • Efficiency. An electric model enables shipping teams to work faster.
  • Options. An electric model has more functionality than a manual.  
  • Maintenance. A manual model is simpler and therefore requires less maintenance.
  • Electricity at the packaging station. Obviously, there must be a power source in your packaging station in order for you to use an electric gummed tape dispenser.

Once you’ve considered these attributes, you can start to look into the features of manual or electric tape dispensers as appropriate.


Manual Gummed Tape Dispensers — The Better Pack 333 Series

If you decide to go with manual tape dispensers, your decision is somewhat easier. We offer two manual models: 333 Plus and 333 Plus w/Top Heater. Some of the characteristics of the 333 Series include:

  • 15 preset tape lengths measured in inches on a dial
  • Top heater warms the water that coats the tape, making the adhesive stickier (Note: While the action for dispensing tape is manual, the top heater model does require electricity to heat the water.)
  • Great for sealing between 1 and 100 cartons per day/per 8-hour shift
  • 333 Plus is ideal for workstations without access to electricity
  • The portability of the 333 Plus works well when there is a need to move the tape dispenser between locations


Electric Gummed Tape Dispensers — The Better Pack 555e Series

The Better Pack 555e Series has many features and functions that help shipping departments work efficiently and effectively, including:

  • Available in 7 models with varying keypad increments, measurement types, and voltages to suit country-specific needs and requirements
  • Better Pack 555eS and Better Pack 555eSA are calibrated in inches with 115V (US) versions
  • Better Pack 555eSA has highest level of automation available from the Better Pack dispenser family including automatic tape dispensing mode and microprocessor-based control system that can be interfaced with PCs, printers, shipping systems, and foot pedals 
  • Unique safety features:
    • Thermal cutoff prevents motor from overheating after extensive use
    • Safety interlock switch disables cutting blade when front cover is open
    • Materials like flame-retardant plastic, steel side frames, high grade solenoid link, and zinc-plated stainless-steel parts
  • Ideal for applications like:
    • High-volume, fast-paced shipping environment
    • Packing and sealing more than 100 cartons per day/per 8-hour shift


Electric Gummed Tape Dispensers — The Better Pack 755e Series

The 755e Series offers excellent functionality and flexibility, including:

  • Better Pack 755eS Series and Better Pack 755eSA Series both have a low profile for workspaces with limited height and accommodate 4” wide tape (other dispensers use up to 3” wide tape)
  • 755e series does dispense tape at a slower rate than 555e— 32”/second compared to 555e 45”/second 
  • 755eS series has a smooth-touch, easy-to-use, color-coded keypad with 20 preset tape lengths
  • Better Pack 755eSA has tremendous operational flexibility, including several operating modes like 1-2-2 (for the H-Pattern), random length button, and delay control, all of which allow operator to adapt to variable carton sealing needs with simple turn of a dial
  • Both models are ideal for:
    • High-volume, fast paced shipping
    • Random carton packing of heavy and bulky items
    • Limited workspace height (dispenser has a low profile)
    • Cartons being packed and sealed that require 4” wide tape


Options for Every Shipping Environment

No matter what you ship and how often you ship it, there is a Better Packages gummed tape dispenser for you. We’ve only highlighted some of the top-selling models here. The full list of manual and electric dispensers can be found on our website.

Tape Options

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