Get Productive and Efficient for the Holidays with WAT

Productivity During Holiday Shipping

If you oversee a packaging and shipping operation, you know that even though we’re still enjoying late summer/early fall, the holiday season will be here in the blink of an eye. You also know that the key to profitability in the busy months ahead will be shipping efficiency and operations productivity.

This is true for a number of reasons, including that:

  • The more efficient your team is, the more orders they ship each day.
  • Prompt shipping makes customers happy and can lead to repeat sales. 
  • Greater efficiency means fewer expensive overtime hours needed to reduce shipping backlogs.
  • Being more efficient means you have less need to bring in costly seasonal labor.


Simple Ways to Improve Shipping Efficiency and Operations Productivity

So, how can operations managers help their shipping teams increase shipping efficiency and operations productivity? There are many ways.

For example, you can analyze your packing stations to ensure they are optimized. (And you don’t even have to wait until the new year!)

You can also develop a training manual or classes for your team members that cover your packaging and shipping procedures, if you don’t have these resources already.


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WAT: A Quick Fix with Long-Term Efficiency and Productivity Benefits

While the initiatives described above are certainly worthwhile, they can be time-consuming, and time may be something that feels like it’s in short supply with the holidays fast approaching.

Fortunately, there is an enhancement to your shipping operations that is both easy to implement and will provide long-term shipping efficiency and operations productivity benefits. 

That enhancement is switching to water-activated tape (WAT). Also known as gummed tape, Kraft tape, paper tape, brown paper tape, or reinforced gummed tape (when fiberglass is embedded).

WAT provides many advantages over other shipping tape options, including:

  • WAT is stronger than other tape. Rather than simply sticking to the surface of a shipping carton, WAT’s adhesive sinks into the material, creating a tight bond and an extremely strong seal. 
  • WAT is secure. The strong seal created by WAT can help deter “press-and-grab” thefts
  • WAT is brandable. Having your logo and other branding pre-printed on your rolls of WAT allows the tape to turn shipping cartons into mobile billboards that spread the word about your company to everyone who sees them as they make their way to customers.

Also, and most importantly for managers wanting to give their shipping teams the tools they need to succeed, WAT increases packaging efficiency and productivity

Making the switch from hand-held tape dispensers and plastic tape to electric water-activated tape dispensers results in huge improvements in productivity.

And those gains aren’t hearsay—they have been documented.




Employee Retention Improves Efficiency

Employees who are well-equipped to do their jobs tend to appreciate that fact and stay with their current employer. So, in an indirect way, water-activated tape helps promote employee retention.

And since a stable workforce means that team members don’t have to spend time training new hires, they are able to get more work done. Ultimately, less churn means higher productivity.


Switching to WAT is Easy

Not only is WAT easy to use, making the switch to WAT is simple as well.

All it takes is ordering some manual water-activated tape dispensers or electric water-activated tape dispensers and rolls of water-activated tape, and your shipping team is good to go. 


Get More Information on WAT Today

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