How to Convince Your Boss that Water-Activated Tape is the Right Solution for Your Company

Convince Your Manager WAT is Best

As the person who oversees your company’s shipping operations, you know as well as anyone (and probably better than anyone) the tools you and your team need to be successful. However, you also understand how challenging it can be to change the status quo.

If your organization’s shipping processes are working “well enough” in the eyes of upper management, convincing them to invest in implementing a new approach—even if it’s far more effective than the current approach—can be difficult. 

Making the switch to water-activated tape (WAT) is an excellent example. Companies are finding a wide range of benefits when transitioning from plastic, pressure-sensitive tape (PST) to WAT (also called gummed tape or Kraft paper tape), but you’ll need a carefully defined strategy in order to convince management that this type of carton sealing tape is the way to go. 

As you think about how to make your case to your boss, keep the many advantages of WAT in mind.


Water-Activated Tape Increases Productivity

When you are talking with your boss about making the switch to WAT, productivity is a great place to start.

After all, if WAT can help your team get more shipping cartons sealed and ready for transport in the same amount of time, it can quickly offset the cost of buying water-activated tape dispensers and rolls of WAT—costs that are very reasonable to begin with. And, WAT can deliver on that promise!

Independent testing has shown that WAT increases productivity over plastic pressure-sensitive tape (PST). In fact, WAT is 21 percent more effective than PST for carton sealing. 

What’s the source of that efficiency gain? There are a number of factors. 

For one thing, water-activated tape dispensers prepare the tape and cut it to the appropriate length in one operation. All packers have to do is lay the tape on a seam, slide a hand over it, and let the adhesive go to work. 

Plus, using PST and a tape gun requires manipulating a shipping carton into different positions so that the packer can get the correct angle for application of the tape strip. WAT can be applied with the carton in any orientation. 

What’s more, frustrating and wasteful tape tangling, which is common with PST, does not occur with WAT.


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Water-Activated Tape Dispensers are Extremely Durable

One of the factors decision-makers consider when approving an expense is, “How long until we have to make this expenditure again?” 

In the case of water-activated tape dispensers, the answer is that it will be many years before you need to replace the dispenser. 

On average, electric tape dispensers last more than 15 years and manual machines last 30+ years with regular maintenance. We’ve even seen machines continue to operate beyond 40 years! 

And when issues arise, they can typically be addressed by the person using the device with parts obtained from our website.  

Manual and electric water-activated tape dispensers are available, and both styles are designed with durability in mind. Whichever type of dispenser you choose, your company can expect reliable, cost-effective operation.


Water-Activated Tape Provides Outstanding ROI

Another question that decision makers ask is, “What will be the return on this investment?” 

With WAT, the ROI is significant, as indicated by the features and benefits noted above. There is also the fact that the superior seal created by water-activated tape means that only one strip is needed. 

Studies show that on average, packers use 50 percent more PST to seal a shipping carton. Using less WAT can help you manage your materials expense.


Water-Activated Tape is Safer to Use

Continual use of PST and a tape gun poses safety risks for a couple reasons. 

First, repeatedly gripping the handle, dragging it over seams, and tipping it to cut the tape can, over time, lead to repetitive use injuries to hands and wrists. These injuries can be difficult to resolve, often requiring time off or even surgery. 

Second, tape guns have sharp edges for cutting the tape, which creates the potential for injury. This is especially true since users frequently find themselves in awkward positions as they attempt to apply the tape. 

Plus, using a tape gun can lead to repetitive fatigue. 

WAT doesn’t require the use of a handheld tool and the tape is cut by blades that are protected inside the water-activated tape dispenser.


Other Benefits of Water-Activated Tape

Other benefits of water-activated tape to share with your boss include:

  • WAT can be printed with your branding to turn shipping cartons into mobile “advertisements” that increase brand awareness.
  • WAT’s powerful seal can deter “press and grab” thefts, which keeps your replacement costs down.
  • If you get your WAT and water-activated tape dispensers from Better Packages, you benefit from the expertise and backing of a trusted company that has been in business for over 100 years!


Learn More About WAT

Before you talk with your supervisor about switching to WAT, be sure you have all the facts. You can even get a free sample roll of water-activated tape

And if you have questions about our products, we’re always happy to answer them. Contact us at your convenience.