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Sealing Cartons Productively and Securely

Using water-activated tape as your sealing mechanism provides many benefits for your business.  Your cartons can be sealed quickly, securely and provide a point of distinction for your company and brand.  Watch the video to learn how using water-activated tape to seal your cartons can enhance your business processes and customer satisfaction.

Improve Your Carton Sealing Method and Packaging Process

Package Security is Outstanding!

“We purchased several Better Pack 555eS units and they have helped increase our parts room shipping capacity greatly. We previously used handheld tape guns and since upgrading to the 555eS dispensers, package output has increased and package security is outstanding. No more worries about boxes coming open or the tape coming loose. These units are very reliable and we have virtually no downtime due to failure or needed repairs.”

Manufacturer - Gardening Equipment Industry

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