Automotive Aftermarket Parts

Shipping automotive aftermarket parts are challenging due to the large variety of item shapes, sizes and weights. Will your products arrive safely? Sealing your shipping cartons with water-activated tape can help.

Water-Activated Tape is Secure and Strong, Assuring Product Safety

Sales of automotive aftermarket parts are increasingly happening online.  Safely shipping these parts worldwide can be a challenge because they’re often large, various shapes and heavy.  Watch the video to learn how sealing your cartons with water-activated tape, rather than plastic tape, can help assure your shipped products arrive safely and with a professional image. 

Improve Your Carton Sealing Method and Packaging Process

Easy-to-Use and Recommend to Everyone!

"We make and ship many unique metal parts all over the world. We have parts in all the space shuttles, navy ships, Indy race cars, and Air Force planes. We have been using Better Packages tape dispensers for about 20 years and have only had one problem with a spring, and it was a quick easy fix. These machines are very easy to use and clean and adjust. I would recommend them to everyone. We use them all day long in our shipping department. I liked our first one so much, we bought another a few years later. Still no problems."

Precision Sheet Metal Manufacturer

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