A Sampling of Industries Using Water-Activated Tape: Sporting Goods

The ongoing growth of online shopping continues to impact traditional brick and mortar retailers, including the $47 billion sporting goods market (US).  Consumers increasingly want to make their purchases via e-commerce, as evidenced by the almost 15% growth of e-commerce in 2015.  Traditional sporting goods companies are striving to get ahead of the changes while start-up online-only companies try to capture market share.

To be successful selling online, a company must satisfy customer needs throughout the purchase experience.  In addition to making sure that customers interact seamlessly and efficiently online during the purchasing process, customers need to know their merchandise will arrive quickly and intact. Making sure that cartons arrive undamaged is particularly important for many of the major sporting goods categories where merchandise is either fragile, bulky or potentially dangerous, including sports and exercise equipment, bicycles, camping equipment and firearms.

Many sporting goods companies are realizing that one key element to shipping success is to use water-activated tape instead of plastic, pressure sensitive tape to seal their cartons.  Upon application to a corrugated carton, water-activated tape literally bonds to the fibers of the carton and creates a tamper-evident and strong seal.  It provides the safety needed to keep products and their cartons secure through transit.

Water-Activated Tape and Trust

Online selling has created new opportunities for enterprising entrepreneurial ventures.  New e-commerce sporting goods companies are entering the field regularly, creating additional competition in a highly competitive market.  To be successful with e-commerce customers, a company must establish trust.  By using water-activated tape to seal your packages containing sporting good items, your products will remain safe throughout the shipping process and arrive intact.  By fulfilling the implicit promise of product safety, you’ll be creating customers who have faith in your company and who will become repeat customers.

Water-Activated Tape a Brand Image

The carton that arrives at your customer’s doorstep is the first physical interaction your customer has with your brand.  If you are using plastic tape to seal your cartons, you likely are using multiple strips of tape to seal the carton closed, creating a sloppy brand presentation.   One of the benefits of water-activated tape is that it can be printed upon in either black & white or full color creating a professional visual for either your logo or a customized message enhancing brand image.

Water-Activated Tape and Theft Deterrence

Your carton passes through several hands before it ultimately makes it to the end customer.  If you are not using a quality tape like water-activated tape during transit to properly seal the carton, it might get damaged and more importantly, the products inside could be damaged.  Water-activated tape literally “bonds” to the carton, providing a tamper-evident seal help keep products safe.

Water-Activated Tape and Efficiency

Increasing your packaging productivity will positively impact your business and reduce physical labor hours required from your employees.  Research has shown that using water-activated tape in conjunction with a water-activated tape dispenser increases productivity by 21% over using a hand-held tape gun with plastic tape*.  Better Packages offers a wide variety of manual and electronic water-activated tape dispensers to help you meet your company’s shipping requirements.

* Water-Activated Tape Research Study

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