Theft Prevention with Water-Activated Tape

Avoid high product replacement costs and frustrated customers.

Product Theft Hurts Your Business Results and Customer Satisfaction

You work hard to make sure you pick the right items for your customer’s order.  You use product protection to ensure they travel safely. But does the tape you use prevent would-be thieves from dipping their hands into the box and snatching an item or two?  Watch this video to see how sealing you cartons with water-activated tape protects your products, avoids the high cost of product replacement and maintains customer satisfaction.

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Gets the Job Done!

“Where do I start? Great product. I work for a company where we ship dietary supplements packaged in glass, meaning we need extra strength tape to prevent any packages from bursting. We first bought the manual tape dispenser and found it to be a very good tool. But then we got the BP555eS. Man...all I can say is great machine; fast, accurate and gets the job done! Highly recommend to anyone.”

Nutrex Hawaii Inc.

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