A Sampling of Industries Using Water-Activated Tape: Jewelry

The total jewelry market in the U.S., between 2013 and 2014, grew 1.1%, while online sales increased 20.6%.*  Dramatic growth rates for online jewelry sales are expected to continue as customers become more comfortable with buying fine jewelry online.  Jewelry companies realize that customers need package assurance if they are to buy expensive items online.  Both sender and recipient need to feel confident that no one can access the carton’s contents.

One way to bolster confidence is to use water-activated packaging tape in conjunction with a Better Packages’ electric water-activated packaging tape dispensers. Industry leading companies know this is the ultimate carton sealing solution. It provides the security and strength your packages deserve and your customers expect.


No matter the price point, jewelry often travels in a small package, placing it at high risk for theft. As your packages pass through varying environments, the integrity of the carton seal can be compromised. Your products could easily fall out of the corrugated carton or provide an opportunity for someone to steal them without leaving any signs of tampering. Water-activated packaging tape is tamper-evident and forms a complete bond with the carton itself, allowing for maximum strength and security. Industry leading jewelry companies choose water-activated tape for an added layer of package security.

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Security of the jewelry being shipped is a top priority. However, the aesthetics and physical condition of the package shouldn’t be overlooked. Your packaging is a direct representation of your company. The tape that you use to seal your carton is the first physical interaction your customer will have with your brand. By using water-activated tape to seal your packages containing valuable jewelry items, your packages will stay in the best possible condition throughout the shipping process.


Better Packages manufactures a wide variety of electric water-activated tape dispensers. These machines offer companies the opportunity to increase packaging productivity and reduce required man-hours needed to fulfill e-commerce orders.  

*Internet Retailer, Top 500 Guide, 2015 edition, “How retail category sales compare online and offline”, p. 18.

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